What is labor card? How to register for labor card .

What is labor card?

Labor Card is an identity card made for laborers by the Labor Department. Through this card, the workers will be given the benefits of the schemes provided by the state government and the labor department. In today’s article, we are going to give you complete information related to Labor card. What are the benefits of labor card? How will the labor card be made? What documents are required to get a labor card? Today we are going to give you this kind of information. Please read till the end.

What can be the benefits of Shramik Card?

People say that our labor card/labor card and labor diary have been made. But they do not know which schemes can be availed through Shramik Card (E Shram Card). Let us tell you that the benefits of Labor Card available in different states are different. Here we are telling you the names of some important government schemes. Most of these schemes can be availed only by those who have made labor card.

List of government schemes related to labor card released :

  1. Death Payable Accidental Life Insurance
  2. assistance in case of accident
  3. Amount for marriage of beneficiary’s daughter
  4. maternity benefits
  5. Loan amount for house construction
  6. subsidized electricity
  7. education assistance
  8. Assistance in purchasing work equipment
  9. Financial for skill upgradation
  10. pension

Who can register themselves in the Labor Department:

All those who work as laborers

  1. Beldar
  2. painter
  3. road workers
  4. people working in unorganized sector
  5. mechanic

If there is any person in the country, irrespective of which state he is a resident of, if he fulfills all the qualifications mentioned above and is suitable for literacy, then he can get himself registered in the Labor Department (Sharm Card).

How to register for labor card?

There are many benefits of getting a labor card (vikram card). But before that you will have to get registered in the labor card and to avail the benefits of this scheme, you will have to get the labor card made. This scheme has been started in Uttar Pradesh for the laborers of Uttar Pradesh. Workers can register in this scheme and after getting registered, the workers and their family members will get the benefits of this scheme.

Laborers will need a certificate to register. Which they will get from the place where they are working. After that they will have to go to the official website of the Labor Department and apply online. Once the workers register under the portal. So they can get the benefit of this scheme and the amount received as benefit will normally come to the bank account only.

These documents are required to get a labor card :

  • Aadhar card
  • passport size photo
  • back passbook

Any certificate which mentions age & certificate of having worked as a construction laborer for 90 days in a year.

How much money is available in labor card?

If you get yourself insured through labor card, you get Rs 1 lakh in case of accidental death, Rs 30,000 for normal death and Rs 37,500 for partial disability. If you become completely disabled then Rs 75000 will be given through this scheme. Also, if you are admitted to the hospital due to an accident, you will get free treatment up to Rs 5000 which will be done through this labor card.

The benefits of these schemes will be available through labor card.

  1. girl marriage grant scheme
  2. Meritorious Girl Award Scheme
  3. medical facility scheme
  4. toilet assistance scheme
  5. Solar Energy Assistance Scheme
  6. Mahatma Gandhi Assistance Scheme
  7. residential school scheme

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