Uttar Pradesh samuhik vivah yojna 2023 ?

Uttar Pradesh samuhik vivah yojna 2023 ?

As I tell you all, the government of Uttar Pradesh has given benefits to the daughters of all the BPL card holding families living below the poverty line, those belonging to poor families, widows and divorced women of their state. Mukhya mantra samuhik vivah yojna has been started to provide financial assistance on marriage.

Under this scheme, 51,000 will be spent by the state government on the marriage of each couple who have a mass marriage fulfilling all the criteria, out of which 35,000 will be given in the bank account of the girl and 10,000 will be given to the bride and groom for the wedding rites. 6000 will be given at the time of marriage. 6000 will be spent on organizing the marriage. Under this scheme, a total of 35000 was spent on the marriage of a couple, out of which 20000 was given to the daughter’s account, but now it has been completely changed. Has been given.

Objective of Uttar Pradesh samuhik vivah yojna 2023 ?

Even today, there are many such poor families in our country who, in this era of inflation, have to go through a lot of financial difficulties while marrying their daughters. There are some poor families who even have to beg for the marriage of their daughters. And they are forced to borrow from other citizens which they do not want to ask for but still they have to ask because of this problem.

Seeing this problem of poor families, the government of Uttar Pradesh has started a new scheme to solve this problem. The Uttar Pradesh government has started the Mukhymantri Samuhik Vivah Yojana in its state.

Under this scheme, mass marriages of Raj are organized so that  51000 is spent by the government on every occasion, in which financial assistance of  35000 is given directly to the daughter’s bank account through tweet.

Benefits and features of Mukhya mantri Samuhik vivah yojna 2023 :

  • The benefit of this scheme is given to the daughters of families living below the poverty line and belonging to BPL category. There is a provision to provide benefits of this scheme to widowed women and divorced women of the state also.
  • Under the Mukhya mantri Samuhik vivah yojna, Uttar Pradesh, every couple getting married in a mass marriage ceremony will be given an amount of Rs 51,000.
  • Get the benefit of financial assistance. Out of which 35000 is given to girls as marriage grant and 10000 is spent on marriage ceremony materials and 6000 is spent on marriage ceremonies.
  • The financial assistance provided to the girls under this scheme is transferred to the bank account, hence it is mandatory for the girl to have a bank account which is linked to the Aadhar card.

Eligibility to apply under Up Samuhik Vivah Yojana 2023 :

  • It is mandatory for the applicant to be a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh.
  • At the time of marriage, the age of the girl should be at least 18 years and above and the age of the groom should be at least 21 years or more.
  • Government women who are financially capable of remarrying themselves and even those who are legally divorced can avail benefits under this scheme.
  • The benefit of this scheme will be given only to those families who live below the poverty line.

Required Documents :

  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • caste certificate
  • income certificate
  • family income certificate
  • photo of bride and groom
  • mobile number
  • bank account details etc.

Process to apply offline under Uttar Pradesh Samuhik vivah yojna :

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of this scheme and download the application form.
  • After this, you have to read all the information asked in the application form carefully and enter it.
  • Now you have to attach all the required documents together in the form.
  • If you are a resident of a rural area, then go and deposit your phone number with the concerned urban bodies.
  • In this way you can apply offline under Uttar Pradesh Mass Marriage Scheme.

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