Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2023 :Objective,Eligibility And More.

Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Bharat Yojana :

Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Bharat Yojana has been launched by the Central Government. Through this scheme, health insurance up to Rs 5 lakh is provided to families living below the poverty line. All beneficiaries of the scheme will be provided free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh through empaneled hospitals. This scheme will prove to be effective in improving the health of the citizens of the country. This scheme was launched by our country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 23 September 2018. More than 40 crore citizens of the country will be covered under this scheme by the government.

Beneficiaries of Ayushman Bharat Scheme can apply through both online and offline means. With the implementation of this scheme, no citizen of the country will be deprived of treatment due to financial constraints. Apart from this, the implementation of this scheme will also improve the standard of living of the citizens of the country.

Launch of Ayushman Bharat Scheme :

Ayushman Bharat Yojana was launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on September 23, 2018 in Ranchi, Jharkhand state. A large crowd of general public gathered during this event and the Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone of two medical colleges – one in Chaibasa and the other in Koderma in Jharkhand state.

Speaking to the public on the occasion, the Prime Minister explained the essential facts of the scheme and said that it will benefit about 50 crore poor Indians.

Objective of Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2023:

In the poor families of our country, in case of any major illness, due to financial constraints, they are not able to get treatment in hospitals and are unable to bear the cost of treatment, by providing health insurance assistance of up to Rs. 5 lakhs through this scheme. To enable them to get free treatment in hospitals and to eliminate the health related problems of poor families and to reduce the death rate due to disease. Through Ayushman Bharat Yojana, the aim is to provide financial assistance to the economically weak poor families of the country by providing health insurance.

Eligibility for Ayushman Bharat Scheme:

The Ayushman Bharat scheme will benefit approximately 10 crore Indian families with lower-middle class income. Out of which 8 crore families are from rural areas and the remaining 2 crore live in urban areas.

In his very first speech, the Prime Minister had said that about 50 crore people will benefit from this scheme, which is about 40 percent of India’s population of 130 crore.

The criteria on which eligibility is decided are different for both village and urban beneficiaries. Eligibility of village residents is determined based on living conditions, income, etc.; Whereas, for city population, this eligibility is decided on the basis of occupation of each person.

Benefits of Ayushman Bharat Yojana

  1. More than 10 crore families will be covered under this scheme.
  2. Under the scheme, health insurance up to Rs 5 lakh is being provided to poor families.
  3. Those families which are listed in 2011 are also being included in PMJAY Yojana.
  4. Under this scheme, the cost of medicines and treatment will be provided by the government and 1350 diseases will be treated.
  5. You do not need to spend money to avail the benefits of this scheme.
  6. We also know Ayushman Bharat Yojana as Jan Arogya Yojana.
  7. This scheme will be operated by the Health Ministry.
  8. Through this scheme, financially weak people will not have to worry about money to get their treatment.

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